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Preparation of D-arabinose-5-phosphate disodium salt_Industrial additives

Background and overview[1] Arabinose, also known as L(+)-Ganaldose, L(+)-Apentose, pectinose, etc. It is originally a L-monosaccharide extracted from …

Applications of aluminum diethyl hypophosphite_industrial additives

Overview[1] As a new type of phosphorus-based flame retardant, aluminum diethylphosphinate has high thermal stability, chemical stability and environm…

Preparation of vinyl phosphorus_industrial additives

Background and overview[1][2] Ethylene phosphorus (chloroethylphosphonic acid) is a plant growth regulator that slowly releases ethylene when the pH v…

Applications of Ferric Pyrophosphate_Industrial Additives

Overview[1-2] Iron is an essential trace element for animals. It is an essential component of hemoglobin and myoglobin and interacts with cytochrome e…

Preparation and application of zinc dihydrogen phosphate_industrial additives

Overview[1-2] Zinc dihydrogen phosphate is a white triclinic crystal or white solid substance, which is deliquescent and decomposes at 100°C when expo…

Commonly used reagents—-phosphorus oxychloride_industrial additives

Phosphorus oxychloride can be used in the formylation (Vilsmeier-Haack) reaction of aromatic rings, phosphorylation reagents, amide dehydration reagen…

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