Dibutyltin Dilaurate 77-58-7 DK-T12

Dibutyltin dilaurate is an organic tin additive, which can be dissolved in organic solvents such as benzene, toluene, carbon tetrachloride, ethyl acetate, chloroform, acetone, petroleum ether and all industrial plasticizers, but is insoluble in water. Dibutyltin dilaurate, a high boiling point multi-purpose organotin catalyst circulating in the market, is usually subject to special liquefaction treatment. It is a light yellow or colorless oily liquid at normal temperature and a white crystal at low temperature. It can be used as an auxiliary for PVC plastics. It has excellent lubricity, transparency and weather resistance. Sulfide pollution resistance is good. It can be used as a stabilizer in soft transparent products, a high-efficiency lubricant in hard transparent products, a catalyst for crosslinking reaction of acrylate rubber and carboxyl rubber, synthesis of polyurethane foam and polyester, and a catalyst for room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber
Product Name: dibutyltin dilaurate 77-58-7
Alias: dibutyl bis (dodecanoic acid) tin; Dibutyl tin dilaurate; Dibutyltin dilaurate; Dibutyl bis (1-oxodecanoxy) tin; Dibutyltin dilaurate; Dibutyltin laurate; Dibutyltin bis (dodecanoic acid); Dibutyltin
English Name: dibutyltin dilaurate

Product Code: dbtdl
Chinese Name: dibutyltin dilaurate
CAS No.: 77-58-7
Molecular formula: c32h64o4sn
Linear molecular formula (ch3ch2ch2ch2) 2Sn [OCO (CH2) 10ch3] 2
Molecular weight: 631.57
MDL No.: mfcd00008963
Beilstein No.: 4156980
EC No.: 201-039-8
UN No.: 2922
1. English Name: dibutyltin dilaurate (dbtdl)
2. CAS No.: 77-58-7
3. Molecular formula: c32h64o4sn
Light yellow or colorless liquid, white crystal at low temperature
1) Stabilizer and lubricant for PVC products. Soft transparent products or semi soft products, when used in combination with metal soaps such as barium stearate and cadmium stearate or epoxy compounds, have good lubricity, transparency, weather resistance, compatibility with plasticizers, no frost spraying, no sulfide pollution, and no adverse effect on heat sealing and printing. Such as: flexible film, film, plastic shoes, hose and PVC conveyor belt. In hard products, it can be used together with organotin maleate or thiol organotin to improve the fluidity of resin materials.
2) It is used as catalyst and foaming activator in polyurethane foam and silicone rubber.
3) Used as synthesis catalyst in various adhesives.
Sealed storage at normal temperature, away from light, in a dry place with ventilation
Store in a sealed container in a cool and dry place. The storage place must be locked, and the key must be kept by technical experts and their assistants. The storage place must be away from oxidants and water sources.
General purpose plastic and plastic sprayed iron drums or glass containers shall be packed and transported according to the regulations on the management of general chemicals.
Packaging: glass containers, plastic containers and chlorine corrosion-resistant metal vessels should be used for storage and sealing. Store in a cool and dry place, keep the container sealed and avoid contact with oxides. Do not inhale dust and avoid skin and mucous membrane contact. Smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited in the workplace. Shower and change clothes after work. Store the contaminated clothes separately and reuse after washing. Keep good hygiene habits.


Dibutyltin Dilaurate DK-T12
Description:  DK-T12 dibutyltin dilaurate, is a yellow amber, oily liquid.

Formula: Bu2Sn(OOC12 H23)2

Molecular Weight: 631.6

% Sn: 18.3

Specific Gravity(@25°C)(H2O):1.05

Melting Point: – 10


Soluble in many common organic solvents. Insoluble in water and methanol.

DK-T12 catalyst is used to cross-link two-component urethane coating systems for the automotive, industrial, and      refinish coatings; to cross-link RTV silicone systems for the caulk and sealants markets; and, also, to cross-link polyethylene/ silane co-polymer systems for the wire and cable industry. DK-T12 catalyst, absorbed on silica, is used to cross-link urethane powder coatings for exterior applications. It can be used as a gelling catalyst in the manufacture of flexible and rigid polyurethane foams, coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers.
Product Features and Benefits
DK-T12 catalyst is a versatile catalyst that can be used in various urethane cross-linking reactions and silanol         condensation reactions. It drives the addition of alcohols with isocyanates to accelerate and complete the formation of urethanes.DK-T12 catalyst is stable to hydrolysis but will hydrolyze in the presence of aqueous caustic at room    temperature. DK-T12 catalyst is incorporated into the final product and does not require removal. It is a liquid      catalyst for ease of processing.
25KG plastic drum or 200kg steel drum.

Storage: stored in a well ventilated, cool and dry place

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