Do you know what silicone oil is? What are the dangers?

Do you know what silicone oil is? What are the dangers?
1, what is silicone oil?
The scientific name of silicone oil is “polydimethylsiloxane”, polydimethylsiloxane is composed of silicon as the basic unit of polymer.
According to the information, there are hundreds of polydimethylsiloxane (silicone oil) and its derivatives, which are widely used in life, and one of the uses is as a cosmetic additive added to shampoos and skin lotions for smoothing and skin care purposes. The chemical composition is generally considered safe, non-toxic, non-irritating to the skin and mucous membranes, but a strong irritant to the eyes.

2, what are the dangers of silicone oil?
On the shampoo: silicone oil is a common shampoo additive ingredients, pick up your hands shampoo look at the ingredients list, perhaps in many bottles can be seen after the “polydimethylsiloxane” this substance, is often referred to as shampoo smoothing agent – silicone oil. Due to the characteristics of silicone oil insoluble in water, added to the shampoo, then how to rinse when washing hair will still be attached to the hair on the rinse away. After shampooing, silicone oil can tightly “hold” the hair, fill the gap in the hair scales, so hair becomes smooth and shiny.

“Shampoo is emulsified silicone oil, low content, more stable, silicone oil attached to the scales, can make dry hair become soft and smooth, as long as the qualified quality inspection will not cause harm to the human body.” Mr. Pei of Xi’an Beauty and Hairdressing Association said that silicone oil is a polymer composed of silicon as the basic unit, and is viscous in liquid state. This transparent substance has excellent physical properties, can keep the skin delicate, hair shiny and smooth.
Long-term use of shampoos containing high amounts of silicone oil, resulting in excessive silicone oil deposits in the hair, very easy to hair oil and hair loss phenomenon, especially children and pregnant women to use the greater harm, good to buy “0 silicone oil” products or regular shampoo products.
Silicone oil makes hair smooth, shampooing sense of achievement rise, but these are only “fake smooth” only. Due to the impermeability and other inertia of silicone oils, silicone oils that are not rinsed away will clog the scalp, and many people’s hair gets greasy again not long after washing, because of this reason. If there is too much silicone oil residue accumulation, it will trigger scalp itching, dandruff. Over time, the hair follicles “and stuffy and thirsty”, the hair is bound to be dry and damaged, and if serious, will even lead to hair fall, hair loss sequelae. The use of silicone shampoo, is equal to the hair on the cover oil, not only lead to scalp oil, but also easy to block the hair follicles, making the scalp cells shall not breathe, over time, can not supply nutrients to the tips of the hair, naturally leading to dry hair, hair loss, and even dermatitis and other issues.

3, 90% of the supermarket shampoo contains silicone oils
Supermarket hot Vidal Sassoon, Silk, Hafei Si, L’Oreal Paris and Lux and other 15 kinds of well-known products on the back of the packaging of the ingredient list, 13 kinds of products contain silicone oil, only 2 brands labeled “silicone oil-free, weak acid formula” words. In addition to shampoo products, some hair masks also contain polydimethylsiloxane. Everyone can look when you go to buy shampoo.
4, summarize
In addition to pathological factors, shampoo is the key. People with physiological common sense know that hair has scales, if your hair is dirty, the scales will be blocked; if washed clean, the hair scales will open, why?
Because hair has to breathe air too. So once your hair is washed, you’ll feel it’s a little stringy to the touch, not quite as smooth, and more astringent than it was before you washed it. But why is it that these supermarket-bought shampoos make you feel extra smooth after you wash them? Is it really smooth, as advertised, because it absorbs nutrients?
No! The real healthy shampoo, shampoo, hair care must be separate, hair after washing clean must be dry! Only after the conditioning hair repair can be smooth! Professional shampoo and conditioner are separate, there is an amino acid complex that protects your hair from protein loss, as well as repairing your lost protein!
As the harm of silicone oil is chronic, only when the hair problem is getting worse, can we realize the harm of silicone oil shampoo. Since I know the harm of silicone oil, I am on the silicone oil shampoo full of rejection, more do not want to use the market what Sassoon, Hafei Si, Pantene, Piu Rou shampoo, I do not want to be young on the top of the roof, it is not too lose face.

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