Application of dimethicone oil in the field of heat conduction

Application of dimethicone oil in the field of heat conduction
Due to the stability of the silicone-oxygen bond and the hydrophobicity of methyl, as well as the structural characteristics of the methylsiloxane ensemble polymerization, so that the methyl silicone oil has good heat resistance. High flash point, non-volatile, viscosity coefficient is small, while the compression force is large, surface tension is small, chemical stability, good electrical (insulation), and water and moisture resistance, non-toxic effect on living organisms (including humans). In order to make methyl silicone oil in other objects on the surface of the formation of thin films or made of rubber-like solid material, can be heated at high temperatures (250-300 ℃) or add the appropriate catalyst (generally with peroxide) for curing treatment. The use of methyl silicone oil temperature range of 50-180 ℃.

Dimethicone is a lubricant and heat transfer medium for a wide range of low temperature applications. Its low-temperature properties and thermal stability make it an indispensable presence in the cryogenic field. First, let’s take a look at the application of dimethicone oil in low temperature lubrication. In cold environments, mechanical equipment, instrumentation and electronic components often fail due to insufficient lubrication, and the emergence of dimethicone provides the perfect solution for them. It can provide excellent lubrication performance at very low temperatures to ensure the normal operation of equipment.

Low-temperature sealant
In addition to lubrication, dimethicone can be the sealant of choice for low temperatures. Thanks to its low viscosity and high chemical stability, it prevents gas and liquid leakage at low temperatures. Whether in extremely cold weather or in industrial equipment in low-temperature environments, dimethicone oil can provide a reliable seal and protect the equipment from the outside environment.

Low-temperature coolant
In addition, dimethicone is an excellent low-temperature coolant. With its excellent thermal conductivity, it is able to dissipate heat efficiently and maintain stable operating temperatures in equipment. Whether in electronic equipment, or in the cooling system in industrial production, dimethicone oil can play an excellent cooling effect, to ensure the normal operation of equipment.
In addition to the above applications, dimethicone oil can also be used as vacuum pump oil, solvent and heat transfer medium in petrochemical process, and preservative and antioxidant for frozen food. Its versatility and wide range of application areas make dimethicone oil an indispensable miracle in the cryogenic field.

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