Reverse osmosis units (RO membrane technology)

Reverse osmosis units (RO membrane technology)
A pure water intermediate tank (also known as intermediate water tank)
The role of the intermediate water tank is to control the booster pump, a high-pressure pump and the second high-pressure pump operation and stop and ensure that the second high-pressure pump water supply, to prevent the second high-pressure pump in the absence of water operation, lead to the damage of the second high-pressure pump.

The intermediate water tank has three water levels: high, medium and low. The secondary high-pressure pump automatically stops running when the water level in the tank is low until the water level in the tank reaches the middle water level or is higher than the middle water level before it can be automatically started; when the water level in the tank is lower than the middle water level, the booster pump and the primary high-pressure pump automatically start making water until the water level in the tank is high, and the booster pump and the primary high-pressure pump automatically stop running.

Secondary alkali device
If the device is set to add the appropriate amount of NaOH (sodium hydroxide), carbon dioxide and through the RO membrane of the single molecule chemical reaction to generate molecular clusters, better secondary ion removal, thus improving the effect of secondary water production. Generally, the conductivity of the secondary water can be up to 2us/cm? below, and properly regulated can also be up to 1us/cm? below.
Control: synchronized with the second high-pressure pump start.
14 Ozone preservation device
Sterilization mechanism: oxidation to destroy the structure of the microbial membrane to achieve sterilization. Ozone first acts on the cell membrane, so that the membrane components are damaged and lead to metabolic disorders, ozone continues to penetrate the membrane and destroy the membrane lipoproteins and lipopolysaccharides, change the permeability of the cell, leading to cell lysis, death. Ozone inactivation of viruses that oxidation directly destroy their ribonucleic acid RNA or deoxyribonucleic acid DNA material and complete.
Ozone preservation device includes ozone machine and ozone mixer two parts, ozone mixer will ozone machine out of the ozone and finished water is fully mixed, on the residual bacteria in the finished water to play the role of sterilization and preservation.
Ozone machine is equipped with: 3 grams of ozone machine per 1 ton of finished water. Ozone machine specifications are 3, 5, 6, 10, 15, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 60, 80 grams / Taiwan.
Secondary pure water tank (finished water tank)
Used to reserve product water.
There are three water levels in the tank: high, medium and low; when the water level in the tank is in the low water level the pure water pump automatically stops supplying water until the water in the tank reaches the medium level or higher than the medium level before it can be automatically activated to resume the water supply; when the water level in the tank is lower than the medium level the two-stage high-pressure pump automatically starts to make water until the water level in the tank is high when the two-stage high-pressure pump stops running automatically.
If there are special sterilization requirements, we can add immersion ultraviolet sterilization device in the water tank.
Pure water pump
Automatically conveying pure water for the water point.
Control: controlled by the pure water tank level of its automatic start and stop.
Ultraviolet sterilization device
Principle: Due to the ultraviolet light energy is absorbed by the organism, and cause changes in the cell itself, especially in the cell nucleic acid, 240-260nm between the ultraviolet ray absorption, causing changes in the nucleic acid in the genetic factors, so that its function is destroyed, lose reproduction.
This causes changes in the genetic factors in the nucleic acids, destroying their functions and losing their ability to reproduce.

Lose the ability to reproduce microorganisms, and then by the ultraviolet radiation, the organisms undergo expansion, so that the material in the organisms began to flow out, until necrosis, resulting in the death of the bacteria, so as to play the role of sterilization and preservation of freshness.
This device is mostly used in industrial water treatment, while drinking pure water is rarely used.
Post-precision filter
This device is used as the last level of treatment for finished water, mainly removing fine particles and bacterial debris.
There are folded microporous cartridge and titanium alloy cartridge; folded cartridge is not ozone-resistant and has a short life, and ozone water has a great oxidizing effect on the folded microporous cartridge, which can not be used in the production line of barrels and bottled water, so as to prevent the microporous cartridge from being oxidized and contaminated with the finished water. Filtration precision 0.22-1u.
Titanium alloy cartridge is characterized by long life of ozone resistance, filtration range 0.45u-1u.
The system can be connected by Zhongshan Anchor UPVC pipe fittings piping or stainless steel piping. Zhongshan Anchor UPVC pipe fittings piping with many years of application are recognized by customers for its quality; strong resistance to acidity and alkalinity, aging resistance characteristics. More than 2m?/h second level above the high pressure part of the equipment using stainless steel pipe fittings connection.
The system is divided into two modes: manual and fully automatic. The automatic control system adopts PLC (programmable controller) as the central control element, and realizes the automatic operation of the system through the combination of multi-point and multi-channel water level sensor and dynamic pressure controller. Manual operation can be used for installation and commissioning, maintenance or automatic system failure.

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