Top 7 Applications! Look here for high viscosity dimethicones!

Top 7 Applications! Look here for high viscosity dimethicones!
The linear dimethyl silicone oil with Si-O-Si as the main chain and methyl group attached to the silicon atoms has the following structural formula due to the small intermolecular force and spiral structure with the methyl group arranged outward and free to rotate:

Thus, it has a series of characteristics, such as colorless and transparent, wide range of viscosity (from 0.65 to 1,000,000mm2/s), temperature viscosity coefficient is small, expansion coefficient is large, low vapor pressure, high flash point, high and low temperature, weathering, irradiation, low surface tension, high compression rate, anti-oxygen plasma, high insulator, shear resistance, film-forming properties, water-repellent, antifoaming, demolding, high gloss, inert to the material, chemically inert, corrosion-free, and have a chemical inertia. Inert, non-corrosive and physiologically inert, it is these properties that determine its wide range of uses.
Generally according to the dimethyl silicone oil viscosity range, can be divided into three categories of specifications:

Low viscosity silicone oil 0.65~50mm2/s;
Medium viscosity silicone oil 50~1000mm2/s;
High viscosity silicone oil 1000~1,000,000mm2/s.
Zhonghaojing Skycore® series of high viscosity dimethicone fluids are synthesized with high quality new material, stable quality, and comply with EU RoHS standard. Conventional high viscosity has 12500 viscosity, 60,000 viscosity, 300,000 viscosity, 500,000 viscosity, other high viscosity can be customized.
Main Applications
Daily chemical industry
Can be used in skin cream, body wash, shampoo and other cosmetic formulations, with excellent soft effect and silky feel, with moisturizing, skin protection and other functions.
Electromechanical industry
It can be widely used in electric motors, electrical appliances, electronic instruments as temperature resistance, arc corona resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture, dust insulation medium, and is also used as impregnating agent for transformers, capacitors, and scanning transformers of TV sets. In a variety of precision machinery, instruments and meters, used as a liquid shockproof, damping materials.201 Methyl silicone oil anti-vibration performance is affected by the temperature is small, and is used for strong mechanical vibration and ambient temperature changes in the occasion, the use of instruments such as: aircraft, automobile instrumentation.
As defoamer
Due to the dimethyl silicone oil surface tension is small, and insoluble in water, animal and vegetable oils and high boiling point mineral oil, chemical stability, and non-toxic, as an antifoaming agent has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, medical, pharmaceutical, food processing, textile, printing and dyeing, paper and other industries, as long as the addition of 10-100PPM of silicone oil has a good antifoaming agent role.
As mold release agent
It is non-adhesive to rubber, plastic, metal, etc., and is used as a mold release agent for all kinds of rubber and plastic products, and for precision casting. It is not only convenient for mold release agent, but also makes the surface of products clean, smooth and clear texture.
Insulation, dustproof, moldproof coating
In the glass, ceramic surface dip-coated layer of 201 methyl silicone oil, and heat treatment at 250-300 ℃, can form a layer of semi-permanent waterproof, mildew and insulation of the film. With the treatment of insulating devices, can improve the insulating properties of the device: with the treatment of optical instruments, can prevent moldy lenses, prisms; with the treatment of medicine bottles, can prolong the preservation period of the drug, and does not make the preparation due to the loss of sticking to the wall; with the treatment of the surface of the movie film can play a lubricating role in reducing the friction, extending the life of the film.

It is used as lubricant for rubber, plastic bearings and gears. It can also be used as a lubricant for steel-to-steel rolling friction at high temperatures, or for friction between steel and other metals.
It can be used as additives for many materials, such as as a brightener for paint, add a small amount of silicone oil to paint, can make the paint does not float package, do not wrinkle to improve the brightness of the film, add a small amount of silicone oil to ink, can improve the quality of the printing, add a small amount of silicone oil to the polishing oil (such as automobile varnish oil), can increase the brightness, protection of the paint film, and has an excellent waterproof effect.

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